Is China Prime Trading a properly registered company?

 Yes, China Prime Trading is a company registered as Trading Company in the city of Shenzhen in southern China. Has an office in Nanshan district, near theport of Shekou in Shenzhen.

Which products does China Prime Trading work with?

 China Prime trading works with a diverse mix of products. We have customers in different areas of operations, therefore we have had experience with various products. However, most of our purchases concerns building materials, decoration, furniture, "housewaresand sports in general.


If I plan to fly to China and visit factories to develop partnership and begin importing. Can China Prime Trading help me with that?

 Yes we can help you build a program of trips and visits, including transportation and hotel. We will help you navigate around China and liase with factory personnel. Our staff is composed of Chinese and Brazilian members. All fluent in english language.

What support exaclty can China Prime Trading Ltd provide to me on my purchases in China?

  1.  Find a product you are looking for. Or interact with a factory which you had prior contact.
  2.  Monitor the production process. 
  • Throughout the production process in China, is quite common for problems to arise.
  • That may cause delays, may cause the factory not to produce one or some items agreed and not inform the client until loading date.
  • We follow through and interact in a way to best represent your company here at the playing field.
  • Perform physical inspection of their products in the factory before accepting the purchase. 
  • Also send compliance and inspection report along with detailed pictures of the visit.
  •  Interacting with the manufacturer representing the client's best interests and present their questions in order to have all the cargo and its documentation in accordance with your expectations.


How is the payment configuration for purchases in China?

 Usually the purchases in China are with advance payments. 

Because China does not work with stock, purchases done directly with factories require an advance payment of 30% and after that payment production starts. Then 70% is required for delivery at the port of loading.





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